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  • Saver Combo Tour: Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mines from Krakow With Free Audio Guide
    A must see and do in Krakow
    As a family with 3 teenage sons we thought it appropriate to take them and us to see Auschwitz for ourselves. The experience was humbling and harrowing and the situation during the War worse than we could have imagined for those poor people. The guide was courteous and professional and she was moved in the same way we were. Thoroughly recommended. The Salt Mines experience was amazing. The guide was knowledgeable and professional. Lots of steps to walk down, the underground lakes, the sculptures and chapels. All very beautiful. Again, highly recommended.
    J A WILLIAMS, 28/Oct/2017
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine - Guided Tour from Krakow With Free Audio Guide
    Unique site to see
    Our guide on site with very informative and I felt the tour was well paced. Very interesting sites to see
    MELISSA Intveldt, 17/Oct/2017
  • Auschwitz – Birkenau Tour With Free Audio Guide
    Well worth the time
    Excellent tour. Very knowledgable tour guide. Fascinating insights. Highly recommend
    Monty Ross, 17/Oct/2017
  • Skip-the-Line Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial Tour and Schindler’s Factory, from Krakow
    memorable day
    this was a very somber and memorable day. Our driver, Michael was wonderful and helpful. The memorials where very moving. I just wish we had more time. Our guide made me feel very rushed and I lost her on several occasions, as she was moving so fast and it was quite crowded. She shared pertinent information, but the presentation was very cold and seemed to lack empathy. I would like to return and perhaps tour on my own, or with a smaller group so I did not feel so rushed.
    MELISSA Intveldt, 16/Oct/2017
  • Saver Combo Tour: Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mines from Krakow With Free Audio Guide
    Efficient Tour
    Tour pick ups both days were spot on time. Difficult to rate Auschwitz as fun due to subject, but very informative, our guide was excellent and to the point. Everyone should do this tour to make them realise exactly what happened here. Very moving experience. The salt mines were amazing hard to believe all of the carvings were done by miners. The only thing that let the salt mine tour down was that our English speaking groups head phones did not work properly and the guide didn't seem too bothered just said get cl9se to listen to her instead.
    Mark D Smith, 02/Oct/2017
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